Sunday, April 7, 2013

Back again?

Hmmmm....Last post on August 27th.  That's like a lifetime ago.  Many things in JellyMan's life has changed, but Many have stayed the same.  I really haven't cooked anything as of late...when I cook its been the same ole same ole.  Enough of that.

I, JellyManKelly has branched out, and have started new things.  Some of these new things have kept me out of the kitchen, and more time in the workshop.  Although, as of late, I haven't even been in there.  Signs.  Wooden Signs, with witty sayings.

My Shark CNC is probbably my newest best Friend.  Well....other than my Kitchenaid, or my Spring Form Pans.  It allows me to do sooo many cool things.

Wood that has been painted, and covered in contact paper waiting to be airbrushed and cleaned up

Stack of signs for craft fair

A nice Cut out

Witty Wine Signs

A couple of hours planted in front of the computer to program it, and then some more hours prepping the wood, and then 15-20 minutes in the machine and out comes magic.  Almost like making a cheesecake!

I truthfully have not done much since early November when I sold my wares in a craft fair.  I have to admit...I did pretty darn good. 

Other than that, JellyMan has been pretty inactive.  Not doing a whole lot, just playing with the Midget Pygmy's, and doin what I can do.  =)

Midget Pygmy #2 Playing Baseball at the Evans's
Midget Pygmy #2 Wanting to play Army
Midget Pygmy #1 with a crazy helmet at the Evans's

Checking out Motorcycle Gear at Cycle Gear
Yeah...Midget Pygmy #2 throwing Horns

WHAT???  What could this be?  Oh Yeah...its my baby.  2007 Yamaha R6
Om nOM!!!  Elixer...Blue Cheese Burger!

My first trip out of the development....I got to go over 45....

HAHA They had never seen an Apple Corer Peeler!

Ain't she a Beaut!

=)  Cant get enough of her!

Whoop there she is!

So Sexy!

Doesn't really fit...but it caught my eye today!
So.  Not a whole lot, but I am alive, I am still here, and I plan on getting back into the swing of things.  I gotta get my cooking house in order.  Cooking is a skill that if you don't use, you loose, and I don't want to loose it.  So...Until next time, Peace out!


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