Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Some like it hot!

Today was actually a good day!  I love Pandora!  Pandora radio is the best thing since cheesecake!  If you look at my play list and you don't know me...you will just shake your head and call me a weirdo.  If you do know me......then having 4 different Phineas and Ferb stations probably wouldn't surprise you.  I mean come on, that's GREAT music!  S.I.M.P..... I GOT SQUIRRELS IN MY PANTS.....Today's gonna be a great day....Gitchi Gitchi Goo .  I mean yeah...it is a cartoon...but its a GREAT CARTOON!!!

Okay, enough about Cartoons.  We got bigger fish to fry.  See, the thing of it is, I wanna talk about this cheesecake that I am making!  Hah!  I got your attention didn't i?  So yeah, cheesecake!  Its a new recipe.  Mrs. JellyMan is always looking for new stuff for me to make.  She is a Google Whiz!  I bet she could even find Jimmy Hoffa if she would just ask the all mighty search engine!  But she wont....we will keep thinking that he is buried at the Meadowland. 

SO yeah, we have a new recipe.  She wanted me to make it for something, so I figured I would make it for people at work.  They always seem to like my cooking, at least they say its better than the food in the cafeteria.  You know, you can only eat so many cups of plastic pudding in plastic cups.  ( it really looks like something that came out of the midget Pigmy's play kitchen ).

This Cheesecake blends alot of my favorite spices.  I love Cinnamon.  I could eat it all day long!  Cinnamon Sugar on white buttered toast.....Yeah that was the best thing at Grandma's house!!  Cayenne Pepper.  I love to use that in my rubs.  It brings such a nice mellow heat into things like Pork and Chicken!  So with the recipe that Mrs. JellyMan so kindly searched for, I decided to treat my co workers with some of my culinary delights.  Tomorrow we have big wigs coming, so I figured a big dose of sugar in the form of a JellyManKelly cheesecake would be appreciated.

The recipe called for a brownie crust.  Okay...so I get off work at 5:45....home made brownie crust just wont cut it this time.  So I went with the next best thing!
So, the crust as you may now know was made of brownies.  Make it per the box directions, add your Cinnamon, and Cayenne pepper, and pour into your spring form pan and bake!  Oh by the way, you may want to make 2.  Because the smell in your house will drive you NUTS!  I would have probably eaten some but we were having a talk with Midget Pygmy #2 about the theft of erasers from class...ummm yeah.  No fun!

So, your brownie crust has cooled off.  Put a kettle of hot water on, wrap your spring form pan in HEAVY DUTY foil ( if you buy the BIG LONG roll of heavy duty foil, it will cover the bottom of your pan very nicely, and keep ALL water out during the water bath.

Mix your cheesecake per the directions, and pour that bad boy mixture into the spring form pan with the huge brownie in it.  Place your foil wrapped spring form pan into your bigger pan filled with the boiling water, and plop into the oven.  Well...better not plop it in, then you can sue me, and I don't have deep pockets like MCD's.  You might get 27 cents and some pocket lint...and I have kids...so you really don't know what that pocket lint is made of!!

Bake it for 65 Minutes, and WHAM!!

MMMMM looks good, smells good, I think my co workers will eat it all up!  I love bringing food in for my co workers.  I think it makes up for all of the time I throw things at them, make fun of baldy, brandish sharpened plastic utensils...its like pay back.  They take what I give them, and they know they will be given treats!

I am sure glad my lovely wifey gave me this recipe so I can make it for people to brighten their day.  I must be a good cook, because there is never any left over to take home.  Funny how that happens.  

As the seasons change, my cooking does as well.  Especially my desert making.  Now that I have an oven that will cook over 350 degree's, you can expect alot of new and exciting dishes coming your way. 

Okay...time to come clean.  I am hoping Mrs. JellyMan will only read about half of this, and then get disgusted with me.  This recipe was supposed to be made for her birthday....all night I have been telling her that it was for work....yeah i know I am a stinker.  But.....if Mrs. JellyMan is still reading this then.....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  And the below video is just for you, since you like to post it on every one's page!!

Oh Yeah...you may want to know how to make it.  We found it on ( Yeah I said we )
a block called BunsInMyOven, and you can find it by going to the below link.

Mexican Brownie Cheesecake