Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Book Bomb?

Sorry, No story's about my cooking today, it has been very simple the last couple of days.  Both Pigmy Midgets are sick, and so is Mrs. JellyMan.  Just wanted to blog real quick and try to promote a fellow blogger.  (I call her a fellow blogger, however she is much more talented then I, write for World Net Daily, Home Schools her daughters, and live a self-sufficient life style)  We may not always be able to agree on things as people, we all have the right to feel what we want to feel, say what we want to say, but sometimes it is not easy to read or hear someone else's point of view.  Especially when it comes to things that may, or may not be true.  That being said takes some time, Visit Amazon.com and search for The Simplicity Primer by Patrice Lewis.  Today is Book Bomb Day, or the release day for the Simplicity Primer.  I have been personally waiting on this book since I first heard about it.  I can't wait till it comes in the mail!  If you have some time, why don't you go to Amazon, check it out (BUY BUY BUY) umm did you guys hear something?  I know money is tight with a lot of us.  I saved up an Amazon Gift Card when I heard about the book bomb, but if you can’t spare the money to spring for this book, be on the lookout for it in your local Library or church Library.  Also try to go out to http://www.rural-revolution.com.  Like I said earlier.  We may not all agree on the same things ( Mrs. JellyMan won't eat chicken on the bone...but there is nothing finer than chowin down on a BBQ Drumstick and I can't seem to find out what her malfunction is about bone in meat ) but this is a very talented writer, and you may be surprised on what you read.  Later!