Saturday, September 17, 2011

All Right!!!

No.  That picture is not of my stove at 4:25 in the afternoon.  That my Friends, is a picture of my oven, at 425 degrees!!!!  I am now officially back in action!!  Do you know what we do in the JellyManKelly house with a 425 Degree oven?

We make Pappa Murphy's Pizza's!!  Yeah, you were probbably expecting more.  But...first time in quite a few years that we have been able to accomplish this!

Before I go into any more detail about how great my oven is now, lets thank Phil.  Phil is from
 A & J Appliance Repair Service and can be reached through .  My friends, this guy was awesome!!  If you have any home appliance's that need fixing, he is your man!  On Monday I sent him an E-mail at 11:21am through his website.  At 11:36am he called me back.  We discussed my issues with the touch screen, and he said he would call me back.  That same afternoon, he called me back with a price for the part, and he could have it done the next day!  We agreed on Friday at 5.  Mrs JellyMan was here, to let him in, and by the time I got home with both midgets ( 5:15 ) he was done.  He Vacuumed out behind the oven, cleaned everything up....AND he found this BIG chip in the enamel.  He fixed it before he left.  Awesome guy, very sociable, and a local small business.  You can't get better than that!
Okay, back to my goodies.  We cooked the Pizza's and devoured most of them.  We will finish up the job tonight for dinner.
We were up early this morning to go out to my Step Sisters church, for a Emergency Preparedness thing.  I walked away with some good pamphlet's on 72 Hour Kits ( I will blog about this later ), and a good time seeing family. 
We hit up Costco on the way down the hill, and I was specificly looking for foods that could be cooked at above 350.  Yeah I'm a nerd!
We have a Persimmon Tree in our back yard.  It normally gives us an abundance of Persimmons, ( well until Uncle Billy helped me cut most of it away ) now the critters both 2 and 4 legged get most of the fruit.  What kills me is most people do not know what to do with Persimmons.  Well, their loss, because they are AWESOME!!!!  Cookies, Bread, you name it they are bomb!  I am currently sitting on about 48 Cups of pulp.....

Yeah....those are 2 cup bags, and they go all the way back into the freezer.  Hey, when you don't have an oven that cooks at above 350 things just kind of back up!

First batch was made with Splenda.  I dont't normally cook with substitutes....but I had it, and I figured I had an audience for them.

Umm Yes....Splenda.  Not so much like real sugar.  They do kind of look like Rocks.  They taste good though.

Ahah....Second batch with Real Sugar.  Those are what I am used to.  Now, I am not saying anything bad about Splenda.  I CAN taste the difference.  But I also do not eat it that much.  I figure that if I ate it more it may not have that same taste.

Well, I must go do my chores now, a Husbands work is never done ( hehehe Mrs. JellyMan is doing the dishes )

I feel a new wave of inspiration coming on.  You are very limited to foods that can be cooked at we can make Chicken Nuggets and Tater Tots can now be cooked for the time on the package...not for an Hour.  Ooooo Shake And Bake too!!  I am probbably going to start making my own bread.  To some it may seem like a lot of work, well it is.  BUT.....if you take a look at what you pay for food in " Finished Product "  in one month....and look at what the base ingredients may cost would be surprised.  You will end up with a better end result with your home made items, AND you will probbably save some money! 

On tap for tomorrow the Midgets and me will be making Toll House Cookies....YAY!!!!  Catch Ya Later!