Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pesto Pizzaz!!

In the JellyManKelly household, we have been feasting on Pesto this week.  We have had Pesto on Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with fresh Mozzarella and Tomatoes, we have had Pesto just to eat pesto, and tonight....we had Pesto Chicken! 

Pesto is one of those things that we pair with summertime.  I look forward to the time when Tomatoes are ripening on my vines....Mrs. JellyMan looks forward to Pesto and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.  We only have this in the summer, or when we can make fresh pesto.  We really do not touch any store bought, because there is a taste difference.  We LOVE it!!

So, I took the leftover Pesto and added with some more Olive Oil, some Apple Cider Vinegar, and some Lemon Juice.  I let some Chicken Thigh's sit in this wonderful mixture most of the day.

I decided to give the Chrome Monster a break today.  I chose to dust off the trust Webber.  A role model of mine has a catchy saying.  3 is 2, 2 is 1, 1 is none.  So I have 4 BBQ's.  Big, Small, Gas, Charcoal.  =)

I love this time of year in the grocery store, as all of the BBQ stuff is on clearance.  I picked up a couple of bags of Apple Wood, for 75% off.  LOVE IT!!

I let these chips soak in water for 4 hours.  They last longer, smoke longer, and don't just burn.  You get a nice smoulder going when they are wet. 

Notice all of the coals on one side of the grill?  Yeah buddy!!  There is a method to this madness I swear!

As soon as these thighs hit the grill...MMMMM.  We are talkin GOODNESS!!!

See all that good smoke coming out!!!

So, Chicken on the grill.  I browned the chicken over direct heat.  When both sides had a nice char going, I put them onto the other side of the grill and let them slow cook in the smoke.  When cooking with charcoal, I like to cook quick cuts of meats.  Pork Chops, Steaks, Chicken Thighs, Hamburgers and Hot Dogs.  Since I do not cook with Charcoal alot, I tend to loose my touch.  I let the coals sit to long before putting the meat on, so I loose cooking time.  Tri Tips, Ribs, Turkey Breast's...I leave them as offerings to the Chrome Monster.

So while the Chicken is cooking, What to cook?  Hmmmmm....I have onions out of the garden, a couple of real nice Roma's, and fresh Basil.  Hmmmmmmmm  Oh yeah, and some Bacon.  Curious Yet?

When I cook on Sunday's, I like to cook for a couple of days.  At least a couple of lunches, and hopefulls another meal so I decided to go big.

First the Onions.  Chop them up real nice, then the Tomatoes, then the Bacon.

Fill a pot with water, bring to a boil.

I used a whole pack of Bacon.  I opened up the pack, and stacked them on top of each other.  I made two equal size piles.  Starting on the first stack, I sliced it lengthwise down the middle, then cut into 1/2 inch pieces.  Repeat on second stack. 

Fry up the Bacon.  Once the Bacon is crisp, transfer to a bowl lined with a paper towel. 

Drain all grease, reserve 2 table spoon's in the pan.  Add a tablespoon of olive oil.  Bring back up to temperature and add your onions, and minced Garlic.  ( I cheated and used store bought ).

Cook until Onions start to turn translucent ( I love that word ).  Add wine.  I bought a 4 pack of small bottles for cooking, I added the whole bottle.  Reduce by half.  Add Tomatoes, and Bacon, lower heat.

I let Mrs. JellyMan plant the seeds in the garden this year.  I was shocked when she just poured the whole seed pack into the prepared squares and covered them up.  I was like wow...what a waste.  Well she suceeded where I failed.  We actually had plants that grew from seed.  We planted 3 kinds of Basil.  Genoveese, Lemon, and Cinnamon.

I went out to the garden, and picked a handful of Lemon, and Cinnamon.

Washed them, and laid them out on the cutting board.  Separated by flavor, and stacked them up.

Lemon Basil

Quite Blurry, but that is Cinnamon Basil.

I rolled them up width wise, and then cut them.  Chiffonade?

Okay, Chicken is done, Bacon Mixture is done, Pasta is done and drained.

Add contents of Bacon mixture to drained pasta, and mix well.  Once Mixed, add Basil.  Cover and let sit 5-10 minutes to let the flavors sit.


Double Mmmmmm

For the Midget Pygmy's

In all, a great meal, one that will last us a couple of days. 

Bacon Basil Pasta
1 Package Spaghetti

1 Package Bacon
3 Good Sizes Roma Tomatoes
1/2 Large Red Onion
2 Table Spoons Minced Garlic

10-20 Basil Leaves

The Pigmy's ate it.  Mrs JellyMan ate it.  I look forward to seasons by the food that I can make during that time.  Summer is for Fresh Produce, Grilling, more laid back fare.  Fall finishes up the Grilling and Fresh Produce, and starts some of the heavier dishes.  Light soups and such.  Winter brings us the heavy Soups and Stew's, more baked dishes.  and Spring is like fall.  A combination of heavier Winter dishes, starting to thin out to the more laid back summer fare.  I don't know which season I like better.  I do know that JellyManKelly likes his Jelly, and he really likes his Jelly on toast.  Later!!

The Joys of Toys!

There is nothing better than " As Seen On TV " stuff.  Come on, think about it?  the Miracle Brownie Pan, a pan that lets you make like 50 sliders at a time....the Slap Chop....does it get any better than that?  Oh hold on, it gets better.

I have been battling for years with mandolins.  I don't have the cash flow to get the one I really want.  Its only about 300 dollars, made in France, stainless steel....I bet it would even cook for me if I asked politely.  But...I don't have the money, and I don't speak french to ask it Target here I come. 

I have bought 4 in the last 3 years.  The first one I bought was wonderful!!  Until I took it apart to clean it and I lost the blade.  Meh!  So I bought another one.  This one lasted a couple of month's until it was too dull to cut anything.  Ditto with the 3rd one.  The 4th one didn't even come with a sharp blade.  So I quit. 


I was forced, against my will, with a hot glue gun to my temple to watch Real Housewives of New Jersey by Mrs. Jelly Man.  ( I only watch real shows like Sons of Guns, Walking Dead, Soul Food )  We finished watching an episode, and when it went to live TV, the heavens sang, the lights got real bright, and I sat and drooled watching the infomercial for the Slice Omatic!  It looked so pretty, it did everything that you can think of, I mean would TV lie?  Of course not!!

I ran to my computer, and placed an order.  I was going to order it, and get my free one.  Website asked how many do you want including your free one...So I put 2.  Next you want to you want to buy this....NO. 


Thank you for your order.  Your 3 Slice OMatic's will be shipped in 3-6 weeks. 

No step before completion to verify my order, just a nice whopping 108 dollars taken out of my account.  I tried calling them, but I was afraid that since I was obviously dealing with genius's....that I would probably get shipped more than the 3. 

Delivery on Thursday...big huge gargantuan box.  Guess what.....I got 6.  Go figure!