Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why I do What I do

A couple of weeks ago I was going through some of my grandmothers things.  We ended up with alot of her things.  Little nick knacks, stuff that has not seen the light of day for the last who knows how many years.  Little things that will both bless our household, and also make me remember.  I have many little things like that of my Fathers as well.  Working on my car, grabbing a tool that I know I didn't buy, then it clicks, this was my Father's.  How many bolts has this ratchet unscrewed, how many of my dad's knuckles were busted open using this wrench on a stubborn bolt?  I was thinking of this last night putting together " Toys " for myself and Mrs. JellyMan.  This leads me to why I do what I do?

I pretty much grew up a sheltered little boy.  I had not a want for anything.  I went to live with my Dad and that business came to a halt real quick.

" You want me to do what with my dirty clothes?  Wash them?  Wow Dad, that's Pretty good "

" Um whats this book on my desk?  Yeah, I can see its a cook book, so?  You want me to do what with the cook book?  Cook?  Wow Dad, that's pretty good "

My Dad told me many years ago " Boy, your like me.  You like to eat.  So, you better learn how to cook "  I started off with a book " Kids Can Cook " and away it went from there.  Pretty soon, I graduated to the Red and Black Checkered " Better Homes and Garden Cook Book ".

Check out the Shoes!

Well, I'm older now, and I think I officially have a cook book collection.  I have old books, signed books, new books.  Anyone that has stared on the Food Network, or Top Chef, yeah I probably have it.  I am not a typical cook book cook.  I love it when I hear couples arguing at the grocery store, " But HONEY the book calls for this, not that "  How can you really cook from a book?  I find it hard.  I actually like to sit down and read a cook book cover to cover.  Cook Books are like music  albums to me.  When I buy my music, I go to ITunes and only buy 1-4 songs per album.  The rest is just not stuff that I want to listen to.  I may only get 2 recipes out of a book, BUT...I see all of the different food that can be created, and what can be created on top of that recipe.  Why limit yourself?  You will get some pretty interesting things if you cross Paula Deen and Bobby Flay! 

I also do what I do because I detest pre cooked foods.  Sure.  An occasional frozen entree is okay.  Just like Fast Food, anything in moderation.  I see people at the grocery store and they have NO fresh ingredients in the cart.  Pre Packaged, microwavable meals.  Don't you yearn for something else?  I mean there are only so many ways you can doctor up a frozen Lasagna!

I have no new recipes this post, however.  I do have a 1950's Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book that was my Grandmothers.  Its old, ancient and falling apart.  I LOVE IT!!  It has food stains, pencil markings, the whole shebang!   I mean you cant trust a used cook book if it is clean right?  Either the person who had it didn't know how to cook, or it was a terrible cook book.  I don't see cooking as a chore.  I see cleaning up after I cook as a chore, but cooking is an art.  It is a hobby and a skill that if you do not use you will loose it.  You can only learn so much from watching Cooking Shows, or looking at books.  If you do not use your cooking skills....well nothing bad will happen to you, you just wont be having as much fun as I am!  ( And my dinner will taste better than yours )  Later!