Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'm Back........

Well Howdy!!  Long Time no see!!!!  It seems like I am nothing but a big sack of apologies lately!  I have not been keeping up with my blog like I should, and it shows. 

Well, Summer is here.  Not quite the summer I wanted though.  My garden is not doing as spectacular as I had hoped it would be, but it is doing.  I refuse to do what I did last year, and loose all hope and throw in the towel.  I will see it though this year from planting time, to harvest time.  We have gotten some things.  We have eaten Potatoes, Onions, a couple of grape tomatoes, lettuce, and some mini carrots.  Still no ripe big tomatoes, but with this heat I can only hope and pray! 

Today I played prison warden, as Pygmy Midget #1 had to stay home due to his words, and his fists.  Not such a good combination.  So bright and early we went to work.  We sorted recyclables, took the caps off of bottles, crushed cans, put stuff back on shelves, and by noon, I could actually sit at my work bench again.  There may be some stories about some wood working projects, or even some pictures!  We took them to the center, got some money and ate lunch.  I asked #1 how much do I think he was owed for his work.  He told me " Ummm five and three quarters.  I just happened to have a 5 dollar bill and three quarters!  I love cheap labor. 

Took him home, fed him, and put him in front of High School Musical.  He earned his early pardon for the hard work he did for me without complaint.  So I got busy making a cheesecake.  MY FIRST PAID FOR CHEESECAKE FROM AN ACTUAL CUSTOMER!!!!  I baked looked good, and it burped and fell.  Good thing I can make a cheesecake topping in a jiffy.  Now it only looks half as bad! 

Oh yeah, and I filled the sink and forgot about it.  Gotta love wet dry vac's. 

On to dinner.  There is one dish in our house, one dish that screams summertime!!!  Are you ready?  Are you salivating?  Grilled Fresh Mozzarella on Sourdough, with FRESH PESTO ( From the basil in the garden ) with heirloom tomatoes!!  ( Store Bought =(  )  Oh yum!  We ate, and ate and ate.  Overall it was a good day.  Its been a good week so far as well.  People actually bought some JellyManKelly Jelly's this week.  I have made enough to turn that into a couple more batches, and maybe branch out with some new flavors. 

That is all.  Midget Pygmy #1 and I are whipped puppies.  Time for lunch making and bed.  Talk to Y'all later!!