Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tastey Cakes!

Hello again!  Finally have time to sit down, and blog.  Christmas was a whirlwind of activity of cooking and canning!  Once that was done, then came Midget Pygmy #1's 7th birthday.  I can now sit down and breath!

I guess Christmas Jam's and Jelly's were a hit...I haven't been sued yet so that's always a good sign!  This year for Christmas we tried to give all gifts that were purchased or made locally.  Most of them were made in the JellyManKelly household as you can imagine from some of my previous was alot!  This year we also added home made Vanilla ( that will be a future blog ) the beginnings of a home made Nativity Set, ( that mistake won't be repeated as I was asked wow, this looks great for something your children made......awkward silence.......umm no I made them.....continued awkward silence......okay moving on! )  And flavored popcorn from The Art Of Popcorn ( ask me how they can be at your next event and I will tell you!!!! )

After all of the time spent in my Kitchen, and then in my man cave making Nativity Sets, I was burnt out!  We have been doing very basic cooking, errr I have been doing very basic cooking, and today...I just couldn't take it anymore! 

Why watch the Superbowl when you can have a SUPER CAKE!!!

Looks good don't it?

This was the first edible cake I have made from scratch.  I made one before.....a long time ago.... when I got my Kitchen Aid 6Qt professional mixer from Mrs JellyMan ( way way before she was Mrs JellyMan ). 

I bought a bunt cake pan a couple of years ago at the insistence of Mrs. JellyMan...." If you buy it for me I will make you a cake "  Well that was like 3 years ago...and I found the un opened pan when I had to make room for a new dryer a couple months ago.  Good Times!

I need lots of help in the kitchen.....or at least I do according to Midget Pygmy #2

This is how you do it Daddy

Or is this how you do it?

Well after the help, we got the cake into the oven

This was a Chocolate Sour Cream, Bundt Cake with Chocolate ganache.  The recipe was on the back of the Cake Pan box.  I really do not care to flaunt my skills, but I did a dang good job on this cake!!!

I think my cake looks better!!

Muy festive with the Fiesta ware plates!


Midget Pygmy #2 was more interested in gummy bear wars than eating.  He thought he would be slick and ask for gummy bears, then when he was done he would get his own cake...he fails to remember he is my clone, and I can think faster than him.  So he settled for stolen bites from me and Mrs JellyMan.

Overall, it was a good distraction from watching the Superbowl.  49ers weren't playing so it wasn't worth my time.  And frankly both of the Manning brothers look like they are missing brain cells or something.

Dishes are done thanks to Auntie C, and all I have left to do is wrap up this blog....wait slowly to you guys later!